“Clemency” Synopsis

1789-1794, France. 

The Cordeliers District is buzzing with thoughts of Revolution. On July 12, 1789, Camille Desmoulins leaps upon a table in the Palais-Royal and rallies the people to the Bastille. As time goes on, however, things start to go downhill. Danaé Thayer and her friends will stop at nothing to end the Terror, stop the Committee of Public Safety, and bring freedom to France. However, in an era where the world has seemingly gone insane and vengeance is on the minds of many, the Cordeliers may find themselves fighting only to find themselves staring down into a basket with a blade hovering over their necks, ready to snap down and put an end to all of their hopes and dreams. Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity come at a price… will they be willing to pay?exploring


One thought on ““Clemency” Synopsis

  1. […] This year, I am writing a historical fiction novel called Clemency. It follows the events of the French Revolution through the eyes of Camille Desmoulins, Georges Jacques Danton, and two original characters, Danaé Thayer and Julien Descoteaux. My synopsis can be found on my NaNoWriMo profile or in another one of my blog posts. […]


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