Prologues are pretty controversial in the world of writing. Believe me. I know.

Some people like them.

Some people hate them.

Personally, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with a prologue, but I do think that an author should take a few things into account if they are writing a prologue for their novel.

  • Is the prologue absolutely necessary? If the prologue is important, put it in there! If not, maybe leave it out.
  • If it is important, is there somewhere else in the story that you might be able to put it? A lot of times, people see prologues as setting the book down a slow path. If your prologue isn’t super fast-paced and bound to get the reader interested that doesn’t mean that you should completely scrap it. Maybe there’s somewhere else in the story where it could fit and be better appreciated.
  • Keep it short. One flaw I see in most prologues is that they can drone on and on and on. People just want to get into your story! If you’re going to include a prologue, keep it relatively short and concise.
  • Keep it vague. You don’t want your reader to feel like they’ve got the whole story figured out just by reading the prologue. Give them a little taste of what they’re getting themselves into, but don’t let them jump all the way into it.

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