Smoke | Clearing the “Smoke” in Your Mind

via Daily Prompt: Smoke

You know writer’s block?

Let’s call that the “smoke” here.

So you’re sitting down to write something–anything–and you realize that there is nothing that you want to write about (or no good idea is coming to mind). That’s the smoke. How do you clear that “smoke”?

  1. Write every day. This goes back to letting yourself write badly. Write something down every day. Believe me, it’ll keep that writer’s block away from you.
  2. Brain drain. Try writing everything that’s on your mind. Clear your mind until there’s nothing left to distract you from the task that’s at hand. Just let your hand move. It doesn’t need to make sense–it doesn’t even need to be good. You just need to make sure that it’s something.

How do  you keep the writer’s block at bay?


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