Writing Tip | Figuring Out Your Characters

There are all sorts of things that writers do to get ready to write their stories. But what about characters? How do you figure them out?

Some things that you can try:

  1. Try Character Profiles. Character profiles are overall pretty fun things to do. After I do them, I always feel like I know my characters so much better than I did before. Here’s a link to a site that will ask you questions about your characters and all you have to do is answer. It’s how I do all of my character profiles. Across the top, there are a few options for the different types of profiles you might like to form. Some are less-detailed than others, so if you would rather not spend a lot of time on certain characters, then you could pick one of those!
  2. Draw out a family tree for your characters. This is another fun thing to do to get to know your characters a little better. Make them a family history. Make them a family tree. Figure out how their family works and what their relationship with their family is like. I like to do my family trees here.
  3. Do character sketches (or ask someone else to do them for you). This one is a little bit more time-consuming than the others, but still just as fun! I recommend doing this one after forming a character profile (so that you know what you want the character to look like). This is mostly good for visualization of your characters.
  4. Sort them into Hogwarts Houses. This one is yet another fun activity. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re bound to enjoy this one. You can find the Pottermore version of the Sorting Quiz here and answer the questions as if you were your characters. I find this one to be fairly helpful, actually!

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