Giant | Disappointments

via Daily Prompt: Giant

So, recently I had a giant disappointment in my writing. I blogged about it earlier, but I kind of glossed over everything. If you want to read about that, I’ll put a link to that blog post here.

I was writing what was supposed to be my manuscript. And I decided to throw most of it away. You guessed it: I was pretty angry and upset with myself because of it. I had been working on it for a good long time and I was feeling good about it… until I decided that I needed to take a completely different angle. And, at the time, I was about to ram my head into a wall. I’d scrapped a lot of plot and even a few characters and replaced them with different characters. The characters that I decided to keep around had a complete change in purpose. And this was horrifying to me.

Now, I feel okay about it. Now, I’m just happy that I realized that it had to be fixed before I’d gotten even further into the manuscript.

The moral of the story?

It’s okay to change your focus. It’s okay to change your disappointing moments into something that you’re grateful for.


One thought on “Giant | Disappointments

  1. I had one of those moments this past spring. I was about half way through my novel when I realized that I was actually writing 2 different stories that had nothing to do with each other! They weren’t even compatible. I’m glad I didn’t keep writing and ignore the problem, but I wish that I had noticed sooner.


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