Music | Writing Tip

I think that most writers will agree that music helps them while they’re writing. There are, of course, the exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, I think that the above statement is generally true.

But here is where the argument starts:

Music with lyrics? Or Music Without Lyrics?

Scientifically speaking, lyrical music is not good for writing and that orchestral/instrumental music is better for such scenarios. However, there are many writers who very much prefer to listen to music with lyrics while writing.

As one of those people, there are definitely certain genres of lyrical music that are immensely distracting to me while I am writing, but generally speaking, I am not easily distracted by lyrics in songs. In fact, if they fit the theme of my story, they make writing so much easier.

So, in the end, it depends on the person and what he/she feels comfortable with. And that’s completely okay!

Are you a music with lyrics type of person? Or a non-lyrical music person?


2 thoughts on “Music | Writing Tip

  1. I like listening to music while I’m writing. Last year during my #Nanowrimo I would listen to music from the Amazonian jungles. My story was set on the Amazon river, and the music really inspired me.


  2. […] Create a good writing playlist. Having the right writing music can completely change my attitude towards my writing. Maybe it’s just me but I definitely think that it’s worth a try. I’ve written a few blog posts about music and writing which I will link here and here. […]


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