NaNoWriMo Day 16

My novel is entering the “beginning of the end” phase and I’ve spent the day trying to suppress my tears. I didn’t expect to become so emotionally attached to these characters, but when two of them are being sent to the guillotine, I can’t seem to help choking up.

But nonetheless, I’m still having so much fun doing NaNoWriMo. I’ve been finished with my 50,000 word goal for a while now but that doesn’t mean that my novel’s done. Like I said, I’m only getting to the beginning of the end. And even then, I’m still probably a good fifty pages (at least) away from being finished.

I think that my writing has gotten a lot more productive since I assembled my official 2016 writing playlist. Even though there is music that more accurately fits the exact time and situation my characters are dealing with, the music that I’ve selected just seems to reflect the hearts and souls of my characters.

Anyways, I didn’t intend for my story to turn into such a tearjerker but at this point, that seems to be where it’s headed. And I’m oddly okay with it.

Current total word count: 60,000 words!


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