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Yeah, I know… this isn’t about books or writing, but hey… I like musicals so I thought that I’d do this tag. This tag was originally created by Nicole Wiseman on YouTube.

*SLIGHT WARNING: A lot of these answers might not be from BROADWAY musicals but rather from musicals which are from other countries. Essentially, stuff that never made it to Broadway are going to be included.*

First musical you saw?

I’m assuming that this means live. So that’d be Beauty and the Beast. It was a high school production and it was AMAZING. If we’re talking professional, that’d be The Phantom of the Opera. If this is meant to mean live on a Broadway stage, then that’d be Les Misérables.

First movie musical?

Oliver!. Still one of my favorite musicals of all time!

First Play?

Romeo and Juliet. 

How many musicals have you seen?

Live? Five. Just seen? Probably around fifty.

First musical you ever did?

Sadly, none. My high school didn’t have a theatre program.

Favorite Musical?

Elisabeth: Das Musical. Yep, the rule-breaking has begun. Elisabeth is my favorite and that’s what I’m writing in because it’s amazing. I literally cannot stop talking about this show and I am so in love with it.

Dream role?

Elisabeth in Elisabeth. If I could play Sissi, I would be the happiest person in the world.

Favorite solo?

“Ich Gehör Nur Mir” (I Belong to Me) from Elisabeth or Der Letze Tanz (The Last Dance) from Elisabeth.

Broadway Crush?

Mark Seibert. Except he’s not on Broadway.

But if I have to keep the rules, I’ll go ahead and say Chris McCarrell.

Show you wish they would do a revival of?

Les Misérables. Bring it back, please!!!!

And I don’t want Jersey Boys and Something Rotten! to close!

Can Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street come back to Broadway? Or Oliver!?

Dream Jukebox musical?

A jukebox musical containing all of Within Temptation’s music.

What shows do you wish they would do as a televised special?

Elisabeth. Preferably in English, but I’d still watch it if it was in German too! I love the German version, but watching it in English would be really cool!

Something Rottenwould be great!

And so would Oliver! and Tanz der Vampire. 

Show you wish you could see (any cast past or present)?

Jekyll & Hyde. I don’t care what cast it is. I just want to see it live.

Elisabeth with Mark Seibert and Annemieke van Dam.

Wicked with Mark Seibert as Fiyero.

Tanz der Vampire with Mark Seibert. I know that Kevin Köhler wasn’t in the show with him, but if Kevin Köhler could play Alfred with Mark Seibert as Krolock, I would be so happy!

Les Misérables with John Owen-Jones and Hayden Tee. I saw Hayden on Broadway but I missed JOJ!

Starlight Express with Kevin Köhler as Rusty and Trina Hill as Pearl.

What would they name the Broadway show about your life?

Completely Obsessed!.


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