NaNoWriMo Days 18 & 19

I’ve made good progress in the past few days!

My story is drawing to a close. Well, actually, it’s reaching the point at which it will finish.

At this point, I’m starting to feel a little sorry for all of the horrible things that I’ve done to my characters and I’m pretty sure that if they were real or if they could spring to life, they would personally see to it that I suffered for all of it.

And so I’m going to end their stories soon. They’ve suffered enough. They need a break.

But I’m still having fun writing, so that’s a good thing! I’m really glad that I’ve been writing every day. Every day, my interest in my story only seems to grow which is actually the opposite of what I expected to happen. I thought that I might get bored with the story and the characters (it’s a common thing with me), but at this point, I haven’t!

Current total word count: 68,000 words!


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