NaNoWriMo 2016 WIN + NaNo Debrief

Though my NaNo novel isn’t finished yet (it will be by the end of the month, hopefully), I have reached and exceeded the 50,000 word goal!

It was a rather smooth pathway to success for me. I (surprisingly) never felt discouraged nor disinterested in my manuscript. I fell in love with my characters and the story I’m trying to tell. In all honesty, I think that blogging every day helped to keep me motivated.

I tried to write as much as I possibly could each day, not just get to 1,667 and I am very glad that I did so. My story is not a story that I could tell in 50,000 words and I really want to finish this draft. I think that I’m nearing the end and NaNo has helped me to do that.

Some things that I found really useful to me were my writing playlist, my friends, and having a lot of time.

My writing playlist consists of songs that do not, perhaps, accurately give the feel of my novel, but it does speak for the souls of the characters I have committed this month to. I only formed this playlist a week ago, but my writing has been a lot smoother since I put it together. If you’re interested in my playlist for NaNo, I did blog about that about a week ago.

I have a writing circle in which a lot of us were participating in NaNo. Having them to encourage and help me along was great. We would share little bits of what we wrote in the past week and focus on all of the good things about the drafts. I think that this was one of the most essential parts to keeping me positive throughout the whole month.

This month, I dedicated all of my free time to writing. I got home, did homework, and wrote. Whenever I had a spare moment, I was writing. I didn’t hang out with friends or anything throughout the month. I won’t say that that’s the way to go, nor that it was a good idea. But it did give me a lot of free time. A lot of people do like to take breaks. All I wanted to do was write.

For those of you who have won, congratulations! And to those of you who are still working on NaNo, you can do it!


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