Scorched | Anger Towards Drafts

via Daily Prompt: Scorched

NaNoWriMo’s winning season has officially started and for some of us, it’s time to edit. And that means reading through everything that we’ve written and, for the most part, screaming at how horrible it is (even if it’s not that bad).

Words are tough things. Manipulate them the right way and you’ve got something great. But a lot of the time, it doesn’t just work out that way. It takes serious thought and contemplation, trying to figure things out.

All the same, though, it’s important to be kind to yourself. Don’t go into the editing phase with the mindset of “I’m going to get rid of everything. It’s all trash”. You want to look at it with open eyes and hope to find the parts with merits. The parts that are worth keeping.


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