Playlist Book Tag | Book Tag

This book tag was created by Little Red Reader. Essentially, what you do is you set your playlist on shuffle and whatever song comes up, you have to relate to the first book(s) that comes to mind. Beware, my playlist is completely made up of German showtunes. I’ll link the YouTube video for the song in the English translation if you’re interested!

  1. Wenn Ich Tanzen Will (Translation: When I Want to Dance)
  2. Mama Wo Bist Du? (Translation: Mama, Where Are You?)
  3. Die Schatten Werden Länger (Translation: The Shadows Grow Longer)
  4. Der Letzte Tanz (Translation: The Last Dance)
  5. Einladung Zum Ball (Translation: Invitation to the Ball)
  6. Der Schleier Fällt (Translation: The Veil Descends)
  7. Totale Finsternis (Translation: Total Darkness)
  8. Ich Gehör Nur Mir (Translation: I Belong to Me)
  9. Draußen ist Freiheit (Translation: Out There is Freedom)
  10. Rudolf, Wo Bist Du? (Translation: Rudolf, Where Are You?)

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