Liminal | Post-NaNo. What Now?

via Daily Prompt: Liminal

NaNo is almost done.

And so the “What Now?” Months begin.

Editing is the next step for many. Finishing up their novels might be the next step for others.

Personally, I don’t think that Clemency will be done by the end of November. It might be. And then again, it might not be. I really hope that it will be so that I can edit. But at the rate that I’m going right now, it won’t be done.

I’ve surpassed the 50,000 goal by over 30,000 and I wish that I could just wrap up my novel so that I could edit, but I also don’t want to rush my writing. This story is a long one. It spans over six years. I’m in the middle of writing the last of those years and oddly enough it’s the easiest part to write. Maybe it’s because what happens in this last year is clearest to me.

How’s NaNo going for everyone?


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