Vigor | Finishing NaNoWriMo 2016

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(Featured image credit: Jenny Williams)

While I have been finished with NaNo for a few weeks now, some of my friends are just about to cross the finish line.

50,000 came and went for me really easily. But let me tell you, the ten thousand or so words were the hardest stretch. Finishing is no easy task with anything. Especially with a novel.  I had a really good conversation with one of my friends about finishing novels and getting attached to characters.

Both he and I are writing somewhat… tragic stories. And both of us had written the ending (or at least had it thoroughly planned out) before we even began writing the actual bulk of the story. And we love the way that we wrote our endings. In fact, for me, I’m 98% sure that it’s my favorite part.

But throughout the NaNo process, I hadn’t expected to fall in love with these characters as much as I did in this last month. And while I have gotten to 50,000, I’m still wrapping up my story. And these past few days, I’ve been writing through tears. I almost want to change the ending so that these characters can be happy. But the thing is, I know that I shouldn’t.

I wrote my ending a certain way for a reason. Because the way I wrote it is how it’s supposed to end. It’s who these characters are. And I know that these characters are going to be happy (in their own right) with the ending.

I suppose that the point of my rambling here is that you need to write your story the way that it is supposed to be. One of my favorite T.V. shows, SMASH talked about doing what you do for you work. You have to make the choices that you make for the sake of the novel that you’re writing.


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