Vanish | Self-Esteem in Writing

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

Around now, I’m near the point of wanting to completely scrap my NaNo manuscript. Luckily, I won’t be doing that because my sister is reading it right now and my dad wants to read it. Thank goodness for that because I’m pretty sure that what I’ve written has some merit at least.

Self-esteem is something that a lot of us writers have problems with. We always want to tear up our work because we don’t like it or because we compare it to the work of someone else. Which really, is ridiculous. Because you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone but yourself. Is it the best work that you could have done? No? Then fix it up a bit! But it is never a good idea to say “Man, this is not nearly as good as so-and-so’s book”. Because it’s not their book. It’s yours.

Be kind to yourself in your writing. I know, I know. It’s hard. And I constantly have to remind myself to be kind to myself when I’m going over things or even just lying down in my bed, thinking about my writing. Because I know that personally, when I’m just lying in bed, I think: “Goodness’s sakes, my writing’s horrible.” And maybe it is. But I shouldn’t just tear it up. I should be thinking about making it better. Because in that mess, there’s probably something that has some merit. There  might be a hidden gem of a sentence and I would just throw it out on an impulse.

So be kind to yourself. Remember that your writing has merit. Remember that nothing you write is complete junk. Because it’s not. I promise you, it’s not.


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