Mystical | December 2016 – February 2017 Goals

via Daily Prompt: Mystical

It’s insane to think that 2017 is almost here! I can’t believe it! But I figured that it was about time that I start writing some goals for myself.

  • Finish writing Anika Köhler
    • This is a goal that I won’t be too upset with myself if I don’t meet. December and January are pretty busy months for me due to school and choir stuff. But I would be really happy if I could just finish writing a really rough draft of Anika Köhler. Maybe finishing half of it is more likely.
  • Edit Clemency completely
    • Clemency was my NaNoWriMo project from this year and I have only edited the first chapter. Hopefully it will be more completely edited by the end of February.
  • Start researching for a new project that I want to start writing for NaNoWriMo 2017 (or earlier).
    • Clemency was my first real attempt at writing historical fiction and I loved the experience. I’ve been really thinking about writing a new historical fiction novel and I want to start researching for this project so that I will have a good outline and plan for NaNo 2017. If I get enough research done, maybe I’ll write something else for NaNo. At this point, all of that is kind of foggy.
  • Have my father and my sister read Clemency and tell me what they think of it.
    • My sister is currently reading Clemency for a book report and I’ve gotten some good feedback from her on it. I also would like to have my dad read it because he’s a little more critical of literary works. Hopefully that will help me with Goal #2.

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