Flee | Sharing Your Work

via Daily Prompt: Flee

Sharing your work can be horrifying. And a lot of times, before doing it, you might have second thoughts. Thoughts that maybe you shouldn’t do it after all and that you should just burn it.

But don’t do that! Believe me, everyone feels these sorts of things. Personally, I’m sharing one of my pieces with my writing circle tomorrow and I am horrified. At the time of writing it, I thought that it was pretty good, but now I’m not so sure. But I’ve already been scheduled to read it, so… it’s too late now.

Sharing your work, while scary, can be one of the most reassuring experiences in the world. I once wrote a very short piece that I was kind of unsure of, but, because of its reception among members in my writing circle, it’s the basis for my new novel. You never know, sometimes the thing that you might think was the worst piece of writing you ever produced might actually be well received and liked by others!


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