Fishing | Looking for New Ideas and Inspiration

via Daily Prompt: Fishing

I’ve met many writers. And they all write the most beautiful things in their own right. But, whilst talking to them, the common reason for their lack of writing is that they can’t find ideas to write about. And personally, I know all about this because I struggle with it all of the time.

You know that Eureka moment that you have at 2 in the morning? Sometimes I get those. But when you want to rely on writing for a living, a lot of times, those rare eureka moments aren’t going to be enough. So how do you find new ideas?

New ideas are waiting for you everywhere. You just have to know where to look for them. Maybe you’ll find just what you need in something that you wrote years ago. Maybe it’ll be someone that you meet. Maybe it’ll be found in a story that someone else tells you. Maybe it’ll be a song. Maybe it’ll be an event. Maybe it will be a place. But the thing is that you have to look for these inspirational moments. Keep looking and you’ll find the perfect idea, I promise you.


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