Moody | Reading Slumps

via Daily Prompt: Moody

How do you deal with a reading slump? Honestly, I’m not sure that I am the right person to ask because I suffer from the reading slump ALL OF THE TIME.

In fact, I’m going through one right now. But here is a list of things that tend to work at getting me out of a reading slump…

  • Making a really good playlist
    • If you’re the type of person who likes to listen to music while reading, this might work. Reading will give you a reason to listen to this playlist non-stop.
  • Buying new books / Borrowing new books from the library
    • There’s just something about having a new book that just makes you want to read, you know?
  • Browsing through Goodreads
    • Goodreads always has a way of making me want to read. Seeing what other people are reading just makes the whole experience more fun in my opinion.
  • Talking to people about reading
    • Get recommendations! Talk to friends and family about what you’ve been reading recently.

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