Authortube Christmas Tag

So, while this tag was originally created for YouTube, I thought that I would do it over here on my blog today. The tag was originally created by Living Within Fiction on YouTube.

1. What would your main character’s favourite Christmas song be?

  • Danaé’s favorite Christmas song would probably be “Where Are You, Christmas?”. The entirety of the song just fits her so well. I could also see her really liking “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. Rudolph would remind her of herself and her friends.

2. Pick one of your characters. What would be on their Christmas wish list?

I can’t just choose one!

  • Danaé would want a new quill and some new books.
  • Julien would want a new cravat and some time to spend with his sisters, especially Lydie.
  • Bastien would want a new plant for his desk.
  • Rosaire would want a bunch of homemade “coupons” from Julien.

3. Which one of your characters, as an adult, would still believe in Santa Claus?

  • 100% Julien. He’d scold Danaé for her severe lack of faith and belief in Santa. 

4. Would your MC drink eggnog? If not, what would their Christmas go-to drink be?

  • Danaé would try it but promptly find a way to not finish it. Danaé is just more of a hot chocolate type.

5. Out of all of your characters, who would be the best gift giver?

  • Julien’s the best at sneaking around so his gifts are generally pretty secret. However, I think that Émile or Rosaire would be the best gift givers.

6. Your MC got a gift that he/she hated. What would he/she do?

  • She’d find a way to make it useful. That might include selling it to someone for money so that her family might have shelter day in and day out or repurposing he gift into something she might actually use. But at receiving the gift? She’d accept it with a smile and thank the gift giver.

7. Does your MC sleep in on Christmas, or wake up early with excitement?

  • She’s an early bird on Christmas morning. Mostly because Julien would make her get up, but she’d quickly get into the spirit.

8. What would be your MC’s favourite part about the holidays?

  • She’d just love the peace and happiness that comes along with Christmas. She’d also just like the aspect of spending time with family and friends and overall just taking a break from the more demanding side of life.

9. Your MC and his/her love interest step under a mistletoe. What happens?

  • Well… if it happened early on, they would probably just laugh and walk away from one another. Later on, though, Julien would probably shrug and lean in, but Danaé would push him away and shove someone else under the mistletoe.

10. Which of your characters would you find in the kitchen baking Christmas treats?

  • Julien Diodore Évariste Mathis Edgard Florian Descoteaux (yes, that’s his name). Julien would be baking and Danaé would be sitting on the counter, taste-testing and just talking.

11. Lastly, a question for the author. What are some of your favourite books to read during the holidays?

  • I absolutely love reading fantasy for some reason. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like winter and fantasy go kind of hand-in-hand.

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