Young Author Tag

I saw this over on ShaelinWrites on YouTube. I think that I’m going to be doing this tag revolving around the novel that I am currently writing.

1.What’s the name of your book?

It’s called Anika Köhler (Which is also the name of the main character).

2. Do you have a pen name? If so what is it?

Nope. No pen name.

3 Are you a young author?

Yep, I think so!

4. Is your book published?

Not yet. I’m still writing it!

5. What is your book about?

It’s about a blind girl named Anika Köhler who lives and sees through her grandmother’s stories. She dreams of worlds of fairies and goblins. It’s essentially about her adventures in these dreams and the things that she sees without having to use her eyes.

6. Is anyone in your life an inspiration for one of your characters?

I guess that I initially got the idea of Anika from my aunt who is deaf. Of course, Anika is blind and not deaf, but my aunt was very important to get this idea into my mind.

7. Who and what character did they inspire?

I kind of just explained that, but my aunt inspired the character of Anika.

8. Do you have any other books? (Written any)

Sure! Clemency is finished and I’m hoping to self publish it sometime very soon.

9. What book do you wish you wrote?

Oh, wow… I don’t know. I think that there are plenty of ideas that I wish that I came up with myself. I guess that I wish that I came up with the way in which Illuminae was written.

10. Is this the young author or just author tag for you?

Young author tag.

11. What is/are the theme color(s) of your book?

Green, red, and navy blue.



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