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Sadly my first read of 2017 fell VERY flat for me. I thought that the idea of this book was genius. But the characters annoyed me. Maybe it was that I was listening to it on audiobook and the dialogue came across as cheesy and unrealistic.

The story, in my opinion, lives in a loop where Allyson is constantly becoming jealous at the slightest thing. Seriously.

And I just felt really… neutral(?) on the topic of the descriptions of Paris, settings, and characters in general. I also just couldn’t connect with the characters. They just seemed kind of dull to me.

Maybe listening to the audiobook was the problem. Or maybe I just wouldn’t have liked it either way.

This isn’t to say that I won’t give Gayle Forman another chance. I definitely want to read If I Stay.

All in all, I can’t say that I would recommend this book. I gave the book 2 stars.


First, I’m going to go ahead and say that if you did like Just One Day, you probably don’t want to read this review. Because I’m going to be gushing about the stuff I just couldn’t stand about the book and if it’s possible, I would like to avoid the storm of angry fans attacking me. If you’d like to read, by all means, proceed at your own risk. Just don’t come after me with pitchforks please!

So that’s out of the way.

Can I start by saying that Allyson annoyed me to death? Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration as I’m still alive but goodness gracious… that girl got on my nerves. Every time Willem looked at a girl or a girl looked at him, Allyson got her jealously guise on and got angry. And this is a guy that has no obligations whatsoever to do whatever Allyson wants him to do or be for her. Not to mention that she’s known him for less than a day. I get it, girl. He’s good-looking, but he doesn’t owe anything to you and goodness’s sakes… he’s a free spirit. You knew that.

From the start, it was pretty clear to me that this one day trip to Paris with Willem was not going to be without its troubles. I mean, the girl has known him for like three hours when she decides to go to Paris with him? So the part where he just leaves? Not entirely surprising to me. What was surprising? The fact that Allyson was so desperate to find him. Okay, look. In my eyes, what Willem wanted was a one day thing. That’s it. A one day thing where there are no obligations. Just one of his happy accidents that he can look back on years later. Clearly to Allyson this whole trip was a lot more than that. If I were Allyson, maybe I’d feel disappointed for a little but then I’d remember what this whole thing was supposed to be. A one day trip in which there was no mention or thought of a future. And then, I’d move on with my life and maybe even kick myself for thinking that there could have possibly been more than that to it.

But no, Allyson proceeds to mope about her loss of Willem. She then decides to go looking for him. She clearly didn’t get the point of him leaving. He left because their one day was up and that was really all that he wanted. He didn’t want to be tied down to the ground. But Allyson doesn’t get that. And of course, in the end, we find out that Willem does want to be with Allyson (or at least we can assume that he does) but if that was the case, why was he so adamant about not getting her phone number or email, even? To me, it just doesn’t make sense or add up.

And I don’t know… the whole thing where Allyson was immediately jealous whenever a girl so much as looked at Willem or he acknowledged someone else got really old really fast.


Those were my thoughts on Just One Day by Gayle Forman. What did you think of the book? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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