Listening to Audiobooks

One of the things that I am trying to do more of this year is listen to audiobooks. It should make my reading goal more achievable and hopefully it will help me to exercise more as well. Along those lines I thought that I might write down some things that you can do while listening to audiobooks today.

  • Going on walks and / or runs
    • Music is usually a popular option for people when they’re running or walking. But I’ve been listening to audiobooks while doing so. And it’s actually pretty nice.
  • Sketching, doodling, and / or coloring
    • This is one that I know that a lot of people do. Personally I haven’t done this one yet but I can see how it would work.
  • Cleaning
    • I hate cleaning. But listening to audiobooks makes the cleaning a little more… bearable and makes time pass a lot quicker.


So, there you have it! Three things that you can try doing while listening to audiobooks. What do you do while listening to audiobooks?


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