Meet My Main Character Tag!

This tag was originally created by Wolfshot Publishing on YouTube. Original Video here:

For this tag, I’m going to be using my main character, Danaé Thayer from my novel, Clemency. I might do this for Anika from Anika Köhler eventually, but at this point, I think that I understand Danaé better than Anika.

Some background on Danaé: Danaé is a journalist during the French revolution and aligns herself with the Cordeliers Club (a political faction in Revolutionary France). She’s sure that she’s doing the right thing but she’s not always so sure about the ideals of the revolution although she knows that they need one to make things right in France.

· Which character from a popular book/series would make a good best friend for your MC?

o Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. Just because Will is kind of like Danaé’s best friend, Julien. I think that they’d be able to get along pretty well.

· Which character from a popular book/series would give your MC an interesting fight?

o Cather from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Cather writes fiction and Danaé is a hardcore journalist. I think that they could have an interesting argument about which form of writing is superior and it’d probably end with them both deciding that there are merits to both.

o Danaé would not be able to stand Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. She’d remind her too much of a certain someone that she dislikes. And besides, Danaé would hate the fact that she aligns herself with royalty.

· Which character from a popular book/series would make a good romantic interest for your MC?

o I think that I’m going to have to say Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities. Danaé wouldn’t take any of his “I’m not good enough nonsense” and make him see that life’s not about being “good enough” for anyone. Sydney also seems to take a liking to the nice, sweet sort (as is shown in Lucie Manette) and Danaé’s also that way… but with a little more edge, fire, and conviction.

o I also might go with Dorian Havilliard from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I think that they’d get along well but that Danaé would kick Dorian into shape and he’d do the same for her.

· Which story from a popular book/series would your MC feel most comfortable being thrown into?

o I feel like she’d feel perfectly at home in the story of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. She’d just shrug off all of the in-fighting because she’s lived through political in-fighting madness in 1789-1794.

o I also think that she’d do well in Les Misérables (even though Les Miz DOES NOT TAKE PLACE DURING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION). She’s familiar with the concept of revolution and rebellion and such and I think that she’d be able to give Enjolras and the students some advice. She would probably write to create more awareness for the cause and get people to aid them.

· Which story from a popular book/series would your MC be completely out of place in?

o She would not feel comfortable in the story of either of Sarah J. Maas’s series. They both feature governments that are more-or-less run by one person (or two) and Danaé’s all for democracy and equality. She’d probably have to start a revolution. And… she’d probably lose.

· Your MC is being sorted into a Hogwarts House, which one do they get?

o Danaé is a Slytherin (but she could also be Ravenclaw). She’s smart but she’s also ambitious and willing to do almost anything to achieve what she knows is right. She’s not evil—not all Slytherins are evil—but her pursuit of what she believes to be right could sometimes veer her down paths that are not altogether desirable.

· If you could meet your MC in real life, what would you say?

o First and foremost, I’d apologize because I put her through a lot of horrible stuff. And then we’d laugh about how absolutely flamboyant Julien (Diodore Évariste Mathis Edgard Florian) Descoteaux is. 


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