Mid-January Writing Check-In

Recently, I haven’t been posting to my writing blog. My deepest apologies. But, as I’m sitting here, I thought that I would talk about what I’ve been doing in my writing recently!

So, today, I edited the ending to Clemency: This is No Nation of Gods (my novel about the French Revolution) and I plan to get it critiqued tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well! I’m pretty happy with the changes that I’ve made thus far. I think that it’s about time to end my Post-NaNoWriMo writing hiatus.

I’ve also been very slowly outlining Anika Köhler and I kind of started to write it but I’ve forced myself to shove it into my “I’ll Come Back To You, I Promise” Folder on my laptop… yes, I really have a folder like that. I love my idea for this and I think that this is the novel that I would like to be my debut (unless I get Clemency: This is No Nation of Gods super polished and nice). I’ve also started character profiling for Anika Köhler and I’m excited about the characters that I have created. Anika is very fleshed out and so is Grandmother Köhler. I hope to make a little clearer decisions with what I plan to do with Markus and Laura Köhler, Anika’s parents because I have varying ideas as to how they should be.

So, that’s my writing update for now! Are you working on anything? If so, how’s it coming along? I’d love to know!


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