Another Writing Tag

For this writing tag, I think that I want to just use both Anika Köhler (my current work-in-progress) and Clemency (my finished novel). Okay… let’s get into it!

1. A crazy hacker’s gone into your computer, and has deleted all of your music, except for one song off of your writing playlist. Which song is it?

· “Der Schleier Fällt” (“The Veil Descends”) from ELISABETH. I’d actually just be happy if they saved me any song from ELISABETH… but “Der Schleier Fällt” is my favorite song at the moment.

2. Your protagonist and antagonist have been paired up by friends to go out to lunch together. Where do they go?

· For Clemency, that’d be Danaé and Cécile. Which would be interesting because Cécile hates Danaé with a passion but Danaé does her best to be nice to her. And you know, Julien is provavky the one who put them up to this as some horrible prank to play on Danaé. But where would they go? Probably into some sketchy bar in France and then Cécile would try to hand Danaé over to some thugs.

· In Anika Köhler, I guess that the antagonist would kind of be Anika’s father. It’s a tough sort of situation. It’s either Anika’s father, Markus or it’s her slipping ability to come back to reality. But let’s just use Markus Köhler for this. First, it should be understood that Markus is not a bad guy. He just… he just worries about Anika. A lot. Anyways, I can see them getting pastries somewhere in Berlin.

3. You’re crossing a bridge when the troll living under it stops you. He demands to read a chapter from your novel, and won’t let you cross otherwise. Which chapter do you give him?

· From Clemency, I would give him the last chapter. Hopefully it’d get him crying and I could just sneak past him. Or maybe he’d be so moved that he’d just let me go? That’d be nice!

· Anika Köhler is kind of just starting to develop for me but I think that I’d give him the first chapter. It’s a pretty solid chapter, I think.

4. Your friends have invited you out to a party. Surprise! All of your characters are there. Who do you choose to hang out with?

· Julien from Clemency. He’s just one of those wonderful characters that I can’t get enough of. He’s hilarious and he’d really help me get out of my comfort zone. Which would be nice.

5. Crap. You left your car keys in your house, and you’ve (somehow) locked yourself out. Which of your characters picks the lock for you?

· Erm… hmm… probably Danaé because I feel like she’d know that sort of thing. But who knows? With Julien’s many “occupations” he might’ve picked up locksmithing? That’s actually not too unlikely…

6. The zombie apocalypse is happening right now. Everyone is fleeing the planet, and moving to Mars. ONE of your characters can go with you. Who do you choose?

· Oh goodness… this one’s hard for Clemency because I don’t want to separate them from each other. They’d rather be together as a friend group than survive on Mars with me. But I think that I’d take Euphrasie with me. For reasons that cannot be explained due to spoilers and such.

· From Anika Köhler, I think that I’d take Anika. That’s easy enough. She’d be a fun one to have around.

7. You’ve been given the opportunity to travel to one place (town, building, landmark, country) in your book. Where do you go?

· From Clemency, I think that I would go to the Palais-Royal. I have a fascination with that place and I’d just like to spend the day wandering that area.

· From Anika Köhler, I think that I’d just like to wander around Berlin for a day. That’d be fun. Actually, I don’t care where I go. Just drop me off in Germany and I’ll figure it out.

8. You meet your main character and start a conversation with them. Problem is, you’ve only got six words or less to do so. What do you say?

· Whew… to Danaé, I’d have to say “What’s Camille Desmoulins like?” or something along those lines. I’ve written research papers on Camille and he’s kind of a friend of Danaé’s… well… more of an acquaintance. I’d love to know what she thinks of him.

· To Anika, I think that I would really have to say: “How do you put up with the fairies?” I know that’s not six words but…

9. Crazy acid rain is falling from the sky. Which of your characters would you use as an umbrella?

· From Clemency, the obvious answer is Cécile. Yeah… and my sister would get a kick out of that.

· From Anika Köhler, I think that I would have to go with Laura Köhler, Anika’s mother. Sorry Laura…

10. You’re out at a restaurant with your main character, and the time has come to order dessert. What do you order for them?

· Plain old vanilla ice cream for Danaé.

· Double fudge cake with chocolate frosting for Anika. 


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