LANDLINE by Rainbow Rowell Spoiler Free Review | BOOK TALK

4.75 stars! (Just really freakishly close to 5)
So this book was great and I flew through it. I know that technically on Goodreads it’ll say that I started reading it on January 24 but I didn’t start reading it until last night–I just checked it out from the library on the 24th. 

But goodness’s gracious… this book was great. I haven’t read a Rainbow Rowell book that I haven’t loved yet. I’ve read Attachments, Fangirl, andLandline now and I’ve loved all of them. 

So why the .25 star reduction? Well… because I just couldn’t stand one of the characters. And that’d be Seth, Georgie’s best friend. And I think that maybe we’re not supposed to like him. Maybe the fact that I just couldn’t stand him is what was intended. But seriously, I couldn’t stand him. I wanted to claw my eyes out every time that I saw his name on the page. And that’s probably a good thing critically. But I’m rating this based off of my enjoyment during reading. And when a character is getting so annoying that you want to bash your head into a wall, it just deducts from the reading experience, if you know what I mean. But please, please, please, don’t let my description of Seth turn you off of the idea of reading this book. It’s worth it. Even if Seth is absolutely horrible. 

Other than that, though, this book was so drop-dead good that I think that I’ll be raving about it for a long time. I’m so grateful that I checked my ebook app last night because if I hadn’t, I might’ve never gotten the chance to read it because I had ten days left before it was due at the library.And I am so glad that I read it. Because it was super drop-dead good. (I’ve said “Drop-dead” way too many times now, haven’t I?) 

Anyways, read this book if you haven’t read it already and you like contemporaries. I can almost 100% guarantee that you will enjoy it even a little bit.


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