The Lunar Chronicles Books 1-3 Book Talk!

Guten morgen, leute!

Hello, hello, hello! Okay. So, recently, I’ve finally gotten to start reading The Lunar Chronicles. And man, I’m loving them. There was a time in which I had outright refused to read these books. Looking back on it now, that was pretty dumb. But what matter is that I’m reading them now. And I’m loving them. So, if you want non-spoilery thoughts, you should click over to my Goodreads page which you can find at because here, I’m going to be mostly talking spoilers and stuff that I didn’t already mention in my reviews over on Goodreads.

(Spoilers lie ahead!)

So, can we talk about these characters for a moment? Throughout the whole series, Cinder’s been a big-time favorite of mine. One complaint about Cress? Well… there wasn’t nearly enough of Scarlet in it! Scarlet and Wolf’s relationship is one of my favorites from this series and I definitely can’t wait to see what happens in Winter with them!

And in Winter, we’re heading into a revolution. You guys know how much I love revolutions… (I’m a big Les Miz fan… as y’all know.) So… when at the end of Cress, Cinder talked about a revolution I was all “Go get Enjolras!” I’m weird. I know.

Anyways… what character do I least like? Well… I’m going to have to say that that’s Cress. And from what we’ve seen of Winter so far… I’m not liking her so much. But we’ll see how that goes. And it’s not that I dislike Winter. It’s more that I just don’t click with her like I click with Cinder, Scarlet, Kai, Wolf, and Thorne.

Also, can we talk about the setting for just a moment (promise)? Man… the setting is so much fun! I can’t wait to finally actually get to see Luna in Winter. However, I think my favorite setting so far’s been Paris. I mean… did we get a The Phantom of the Opera reference in Scarlet or what? The minute they brought up the opera house, I was fangirling. No joke. Also… when Wolf asked Scarlet if she’d think that anything dangerous would live inside of the opera house I was just all “Uhhh… duh… the Phantom haunted the Palais Garnier!” But… man, I loved that setting. You know what would have been super awesome though? If the Musain made an appearance. But… whatever. I’m happy with the opera house! I really am!


Okay, that’s it for me! Just some of my thoughts on Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress by Marissa Meyer. Now, on to Winter, right? I couldn’t be more excited. Except for the fact that first, Camp NaNo awaits… (which I’m actually quite enjoying!)

Want to know more about my crazy love of opera houses and the Musain (oh, and Enjolras)? You can check out my musical blog! I talk about musicals a lot over there, so if that’s something you’re interesting, catch me over there as well! Vielen dank und tschüss!


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