Writing Day 9 | Completing Camp NaNoWriMo

Gute Nacht, leute!

So, I finished my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo! Reached (and surpassed) my goal of 10,000 and am now sitting at a healthy total of 26,574 words in Stolen Score!

To be honest, going into Camp NaNo, I was kinda skeptical. I didn’t know for sure how it was going to go and I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the experience as much as I enjoyed the experience of participating in NaNoWriMo. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out.

First, there was the whole Cabin assignment thing. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to connect with my Cabin mates, but I was pleasantly surprised with this as well. It’s been really great interacting with all the folks over there and I honestly think that the cabins have made the whole Camp NaNo experience so much more fun. With NaNo 2016, I’d had writing buddies I could talk to about writing a novel and the whole experience, but not so with Camp NaNoWriMo. When I first decided to go for it, I was pretty sure that I was going to be going through it on my own. However, a few days before Camp NaNo started up, I got to start connecting with my Cabin mates and they’ve all been so great and it’s been really awesome being able to share experiences with them.

While I now wish that I’d created a bigger, more difficult goal for myself, I am glad that the pressure of meeting my goal has been alleviated so that I can now continue to do other things while hopefully still continuing to write.

What other things you might ask? Well, ever since Camp NaNo started, I’ve been so focused on my writing that I haven’t been setting aside as much time for reading as I should have and have fallen slightly behind in my Goodreads challenge for 2017. So, I look forward to catching up on that and reading more!

All in all, Camp NaNo’s been a blast. And while I have reached my goal, I do plan to continue to write!

Best wishes to you all!

Bis bald!


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